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Handyman Services We Provide

Pictures and mirrors

The Treasures we find for you are happy to hang pictures and reposition mirrors. No job is too small and they are happy to help.

Basic plumbing + electrical

For those smaller plumbing and electrical niggles, such as replacing a washer and changing a socket, we can save you the cost of calling in the professionals.

Outside jobs

The Treasures we match you with can help outside as well as inside, doing fencing, guttering, building walls, re-pointing, patios and fixing gates.

Blinds and curtains

Your Treasures are great at putting up blinds or curtains and as an added bonus, you can have Treasures to help you make the curtains too.

Shelving + carpentry

Putting up shelves is their bread and butter, but your Treasures can also build cupboards, create wardrobes or put up fences.

Flat packs

If you don’t have the time, your Treasures can to put any type of furniture together and even do the research and purchasing for you.


If you have not had time, your Treasure can to do the research or the purchasing for you.

Long list of jobs

If you have a long list of DIY jobs to get fixed around the house, just book a Local Treasure to get all of them sorted.


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Give the gift of time.

Treat someone to a Local Treasures Gift Voucher to spend on any of our services!  Book a handyman, get the house cleaned or book a babysitter to get that overdue date night in. Choose any value. Cleaners are from £14 p/hour, Handymen £20 p/hour.

Recent Handyman Jobs:

  • Replacing an outside garden tap.
  • Supplying and fitting a new heating thermostat.
  • Putting up pictures in a hallway and mirrors in a bedroom.
  • Knocking a wall down and putting up a partition wall with door frame.
  • Jet spraying a patio to make it look like new.
  • Supplying and fitting a new door handle.

Who are Local Treasures?

650 Treasures (and counting) with over 30 years experience
on your doorstep, are ready to help you.

  • Method

    You tell Local Treasures what you need doing, and we will find the perfect Treasure for your job.

    Your Treasure visits and does the job (sometimes there is an estimate to be done or an appointment to be made).

    Job done. We invoice you, you pay us and we pay your Treasure.

  • History

    We started in 2013 when we realised that we needed a one stop shop to get all the jobs done in our new home. We soon met with Treasures who are still with us today – Trevor, Fiona, Malcolm, Deirdre, Judy, Andy and many more. It is the Treasures we find for you who do all the hard work whilst our office team make sure they are a perfect match for your needs.

  • Approach

    We listen  to what you need so we can match the right Treasure for those needs and do great work.

    We are open and honest  in our dealings with Treasures and customers, so we can build long and beneficial relationships.

    We love the fact our Treasures are brilliant at what they do and we value their skills and experience, so we can build a growing community of Treasures.

  • Culture

    We want to change the way the world works. We think that our world does not value experience enough and we are champions of those people who are multi talented, highly skilled and experienced in years and in life and who surprise us every day with their ability and willingness to help.


People just like you are already loving Local Treasures

  • “I don’t know how I managed before I found Local Treasures”

  • “Trevor is such a Treasure”

  • “It is just like having your Dad round the corner”

We also provide gardening, housekeeping, decorating and many other services so please call us and we’ll be happy to help you:

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